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Accelerate the success of your science-based venture in the South East

Kinetic Labs was set-up to provide science-based companies in the South East with the lab facilities to develop their products and processes.  Companies will be able to access 400 m2 of high-quality lab space together with office space, meeting rooms and all the facilities required to grow your company. 

Kinetic Labs is located in the heart of the South East, in close proximity to business and technical support centers – WIT, South East BIC and local Enterprise Ireland and IDA offices.  In addition, you will have the support of a strong team that have experience in successfully growing chemical and life science companies from start-up to global businesses.

Kinetic Labs provides business supports in the form of:

  • Networking and knowledge sharing opportunities with like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Events, workshops and seminars provided by experts from the start-up community

  • Introduction to private investors and VC’s

  • Access to business partners and mentors

  • Access to advice on finance, tax, intellectual property, grants and funding opportunities

  • Collaborative opportunities with WIT researchers and R&D facilities on campus


  • High quality laboratories (furnished and unfurnished)

  • Super-fast Internet

  • 24/7 Access

  • Mail & Packaging Handling

  • Front Desk Service

  • Member Events

  • Free Parking

  • Café

  • Office Rental*

  • Meeting & Training Rooms*

* available at discounted rate through WorkLAB

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Access lab facilities at Kinetic Labs

Accessing lab facilities and funding in the South East

So, you need more lab space? Design, create and build your own lab facilities in the heart of the South East with Kinetic Labs. The ability of start-ups and established companies to find appropriate wet lab facilities is a key constraint…

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What a difference a couple of months can make! Just a few days left now until @kineticlabs_Irl is open. Contact us to arrange a tour: https://t.co/TPSGukorqy

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Here is a preview of our new #lab space. With just one week left until construction finishes we are almost there. Contact us to arrange a tour: https://t.co/TPSGukorqy https://t.co/QNLfVYw4W8 kineticlabs_Irl photo

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