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So, you need more lab space? Design, create and build your own lab facilities in the heart of the South East with Kinetic Labs.

The ability of start-ups and established companies to find appropriate wet lab facilities is a key constraint on the development of the Life Sciences sector. Kinetic Labs was created to overcome this issue and drive the growth of both start-up and established companies.

Based in Waterford, Kinetic Labs is in a unique position in Ireland and Europe surrounded by a cluster of operations with knowledge and experience in the Life Sciences. Companies renting lab space at Kinetic Labs can benefit from local contacts and a quality workforce pool.

Start-ups can benefit from a fully fitted, ready to go space. While more established Life Science companies can expand their research away from the confines of a regulated environment in a customised lab space. Read more about the facilities available to companies joining Kinetic Labs.

Here we tell you more about how companies joining Kinetic Labs can access additional research facilities and funding.

Lab facilities and expertise in PMBRC and WIT

The Pharmaceutical and Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre (PMBRC) at Waterford Institute of Technology has a strong track record in engaging with life science companies over the last decade.

PMBRC is an applied research centre that commenced operations in 2009, consolidating research in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological sciences at WIT into one institutionally prioritised centre. Situated on the main WIT campus in Waterford City, the centre seeks to support R&D activities within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, thereby stimulating research and innovation and allowing companies to embed R&D directly into their activities.

Part of the Technology Gateway Network funded by Enterprise Ireland, PMBRC consists of an 900m2 state-of-the-art research facility with over 35 research personnel. A truly multidisciplinary team, researchers at the PMBRC include chemists, biologists, biomedical scientists, physicists and engineers, and the centre has established links with national and international partners in industry, academia and medical care institutions.

Being located right next to WIT and PMBRC, companies joining Kinetic Labs can benefit from their entrepreneurial spirit, together with an eco-system packed with experienced advisers in the life sciences space who have a track record in delivering successful research projects.

In addition to R&D expertise, PMBRC have a range of specialist equipment and instrumentation available for projects such as:

  • Materials Characterisation
  • Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry
  • Spectroscopy
  • Microscopy
  • Formulation / Pre-formulation
  • Molecular Biotechnology
  • Biomedical
  • Lithography

You can view the full range of equipment available on the PMBRC website along with examples of previous projects.

Working together with Kinetic Labs and PMBRC, companies can deliver everything from large-scale research projects to short term feasibility studies and contract analysis.

Access to funding for lab facilities and projects

Companies have the option to work with Kinetic Labs and PMBRC on a directly funded basis or through a funding scheme:

  • For small and medium-sized companies (<250 employees and <€50m turnover), the Innovation Voucher scheme is a great starting point in funding. Enterprise Ireland issues the voucher for up to €5000 and the company can use this to hire a knowledge provider (such as the PMBRC) to help solve a problem or develop a product. There are two types of vouchers available under the programme, the fully funded €5,000 standard voucher and the co-funded voucher (Enterprise Ireland matches the company contribution up to €5,000). Small and medium-sized companies may make use of a maximum of three vouchers.
  • For larger companies or more extensive projects, the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership scheme can provide significant funding for companies to engage in industrial research. Grants are up to 80% towards eligible costs of the research project. All Innovation Partnership projects require the company partner to provide a minimum cash contribution of 20% of the total project cost. In all cases, the company partner must have the resources to contribute its share of the funding for the research and to fund the commercialisation of the research, when completed. Funding from Enterprise Ireland will normally not exceed €200,000.

Are you still unsure about which support is right for your business? Enterprise Ireland have put together this useful guide around the range of innovation funding supports to assist Irish business with innovative ideas and problem-solving.

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