Kinetic labs join forces with Agilent Technologies Ireland Ltd

Kinetic Labs and Agilent Technologies Ireland have a common desire to remove challenges experienced by many life science start-ups in accessing facilities and equipment. Leading the way Agilent Technologies Ireland has agreed a new start-up orientated agreement, resulting in Kinetic Labs being able to offer its clients access to on site specialist high-end analytical instrumentation including liquid or gas chromatography and a UV spectrometer.

Clients will also have access to Agilent’s technical specialists who can offer guidance and advice on the latest analytical technologies and market trends. This agreement, hopefully the first of many with industry, will make a real difference to fledgling companies as they bring their ideas from laboratory to market.

Kinetic labs strive to develop a nurturing start up ecosystem in the South East of Ireland by partnering with likeminded organisations such as Agilent Technologies.  If you would like to discuss rental of wet lab space and the support services we offer our clients or a tour of the facility, please contact