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Kinetic Labs opens in Waterford

Kinetic Labs opens new laboratories for rent in Waterford

Kinetic Labs opens brand new laboratories in Waterford. From the start of January 2021, start-ups and established companies in the South East requiring wet laboratory space can rent it through Kinetic Labs. The laboratories constructed with…
Access lab facilities at Kinetic Labs

Accessing lab facilities and funding in the South East

So, you need more lab space? Design, create and build your own lab facilities in the heart of the South East with Kinetic Labs. The ability of start-ups and established companies to find appropriate wet lab facilities is a key constraint…
John Breen renting lab space with Kinetic Labs

Renting lab space as a start-up science company

Finding affordable lab space can be challenging for many start-up science-based companies. Having access to a flexible lab space in the right location with the option to use a single shared bench space right through to a fully customised laboratory…
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