We are hiring a General Manager to join our team in Waterford.

Kinetic Labs provides state-of-the-art single and shared wet lab space, office facilities and meeting rooms on a rental basis to start-ups and science-based companies with all of the lab facilities needed to develop their products and processes.

As the Kinetic Labs General Manager, you will be responsible for delivering the strategic objectives of the business. You will ensure that KPI’s are met, and that the culture and ethos of the business is respected. As a senior leadership role, the level of trust and responsibility placed in the General Manager is high. You will form key relationships with employees, clients, and third parties.

General duties as General Manager

  • Provide leadership and direction for the development of Kinetic Labs in collaboration with the Board of Directors.
  • To manage the day-to-day running of Kinetic Labs.
  • The General Manager will develop opportunities for Kinetic Labs by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, and closing business relationships with potential science-based companies.
  • Support the growth and acceleration of the Kinetic Labs start-ups by directly working with them on the topics related to accelerating their business growth.
  • Contribute to the preparation and drafting of research grants and proposals for future funding
  • Work closely with the external stakeholders, particularly the leaders of life science based companies, to assist in the strategic development of Kinetic Labs and the growth of the life sciences specialisation in the region.
  • Lead/manage key projects within Kinetic Labs.
  • Liaise with the General Manager of workLAB to ensure smooth operation of Kinetic Labs DAC within the workLAB premises.

Project build and laboratory management

  • To lead the Project Build team for the design and delivery of new laboratory infrastructure.
  • To be responsible for Health and Safety within Kinetic Labs and ensuring that client companies adhere to Health and Safety policies, procedures and the relevant legislation.


  • Branding, marketing and publicity of Kinetic Labs.
  • Updating of content on the website
  • Maintain social media accounts for Kinetic Labs.
  • Actively support marketing initiatives for the promotion of life science based companies in the region.

Business development and client management

  • The role involves hands-on support and mentoring of early stage science-based companies. The person will play a critical role in facilitating interactions between the science start-ups, established SMEs and the regional science community.
  • Develop a network of contacts with entrepreneurs, SME businesses, professional service providers, support agencies and 3rd Level Institutions, positioning Kinetic Labs as a focal hub for science innovation in the southeast region.
  • Develop innovative partnerships with multi-national companies and SMEs, integrating Kinetic Labs and its programs and activities into the eco-system of the southeast region.
  • Initiate and develop new collaborations with key industrial and academic partners.
  • Attend networking and other relevant events nationally and internationally with the goal of attracting new business to Kinetic Labs.
  • Vet and select tenants for the Kinetic Labs laboratory space in accordance with the criteria agreed with the Board of Directors.
  • To support start-up companies during their development and assist them in accessing the various business and technical supports available regionally and nationally.
  • Provide introductions and networking opportunities for Kinetic Labs client companies.
  • Enhance the Kinetic Labs ecosystem by deepening the integration with other science innovation and development programmes at regional and national level.
  • Facilitate collaboration between Kinetic Labs clients and stakeholders in the southeast region.

Administration and reporting

  • Report progress on Kinetic Labs goals to the Board of Directors on a regular basis as requested.
  • Develop and execute a 3-year business and operating plan for Kinetic Labs ensuring that good financial practices are implemented, and a high quality of service is delivered to clients.
  • Prepare progress reports for funding bodies as required.
  • Administer the Kinetic Labs budget and complete financial reports for funding bodies and the Board of Directors as required.
  • Authorise expenditure within Kinetic Labs in line with the company goals and the appropriate procurement procedures.
  • Establish and administer management practices, procedures and policies such as expenses, timesheets, health & safety documentation and procurement.
  • Develop and implement laboratory and incubation general policies and procedures in line with best practice nationally and internationally.
  • Manage the preparation, administration and renewal of client lease/licence agreements.

 Additional requirements

  • National and International travel as necessary to effectively perform the role
  • Full driving licence.
  • Such other duties, temporarily or on a continuing basis, as may reasonably be required, commensurate with the position.

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